Friday, September 7, 2012

New Store for Haley's Cottage

For the past several weeks, we have been consumed with putting together our
new clothing shop (still with no name).  We decided to free up some space at Haley's Cottage
and take over the former Mu Shoes, just across the street on the corner.  It is the perfect little spot
for our clothing and accessories, and a bit of furniture, and a few chandeliers, and....
We had a major transformation done with painting.  Now this store use to be red and black and now
it is gray and white with a touch of Louis Blue.  It really doesn't even look like the same shop.  Debra Meyers and her crew did an unbelievable job in the transformation.  Tomorrow we are opening the doors, but our Grand Opening with take place in a couple of weeks when everything is just perfect. 
If you get a chance, come by tomorrow.  We will be open at 11:00-6:00.