Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Found at Last

I had this beautiful plant at my home in California.  One day it is white, the next lavender, and the 3rd, purple.  Since I moved here over 20 years ago, I have asked different nursery's if they carried it.  No one ever heard of it, probably since it is a different zone.  Well, last week as I was purchasing plants for my shop, I saw this beauty in one of the greenhouses.  I couldn't believe it, finally it has arrived in our area.  Now I don't know if it will die at the end of the summer, or if I will have to bring it in the garage in the winter.  But that is ok... I finally have one of my most favorite plants, "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
So happy!!
(Picture was taken by my friend Roxann who has many in her yard in California. 
See the SUN peaking through!)


mishebe said...

what is the name of it!

haleys cottage said...

yesterday, today, and tomorrow.