Thursday, January 19, 2012

I think I have been grounded too long

 I have been home for the last two days going on three, and have actually accomplished many taskes.  One of them wanting to re-do everything in my house.  After being at the most amazing show, my mind is going wild.  I think this kitchen belongs in my house.  Maybe add a few cabinets and paint the existing ones with annie sloan paint, a new floor, and I do like those lanterns.   It's amazing that when you stay home how much money you can think of spending.  I need to get back working, Snow go away! 
I could also use a new laundry room as I have been doing load after load.  My laundry room is
in the dungeon of our basement.  Maybe I could talk my husband into moving the whole operation upstairs and make something cute like this.   We'll see, I probably will just have to look at pictures for awhile.
Have a fun day at home, as for me it doesn't happen too often.

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Lauren said...

By the end of today I bet you will be ready to leave your little cocoon!