Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just a glimpse of Haley and Ethans Wedding

 Here is just a glimpse of Haley and Ethan's Wedding.  My friend Roxanne took some amazing pictures with her camera.   I know everyone is anxious to see some pictures, many more to come from the photographer soon.   She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.  Everything turned out perfect!


Jana said...

So Pretty!
I can't wait to see more pictures...

Shell said...

Gorgeous Photos! I want to Wish Them a Healthy,Happy and Love-filled life!


Monica Hart said...

Love these. Beautiful! Loved the menu cards too!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

LOVE it! The dress is amazing, and her necklace is so great, can you let us know where she found it? I make jewelry and would even love to replicate something similar!!

Angel Heart Designs said...

Huge Congrats Cindy!
All the best to the bride n groom too..Great seeing you today!