Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back from Hot Vegas!

 When we arrived at midnight, we took this picture from our hotel room.
Of course, we stayed at the Paris which I totally recommend.  The most comfortable bed ever.
The Paris also has amazing restaurants, almost a little city there, all indoors.
 Well, we ordered this amazing bed complete with headboard, foot board and rails.
Even nail heads!  We ordered it in a washed burlap.
 This is a new headboard program that you have a choice of different styles of headboards.
More info to follow...
 Another cute complete bed but with distressed black wood frame.
 Love this smaller table and these darling tufted velvet chairs.
 Now, this is the daddy of sofa's.  108" long with lots of tufting.
We may have to order this soon, just need space to put it in.
 This dining chair has two different fabrics, I love the one on the back with the crown.
 New dining table from Dovetail with the greatest dining chairs.  This will be our next dining table!
 Just a great swag that I may have to copy to put on our Christmas Tree, very easy to make.
Another cute smaller dining table for two.
Actually it extends out from a skinny table.  The chairs have a great cane back.
We found lots of great items for the shop and had a good time with my daughter Heather
despite the 100 degree weather.  We go back to Vegas in a couple weeks for the clothing show,
just hoping it cools off a bit so I can go outdoors.  Hate the heat!!!


Ayan said...

I see you have a picture of a beautiful grey velvet sofa. What store was this available in?

Yanni said...

I have been searching for a grey velvet sofa like the one in your pictures. What store was this available in?

haleys cottage said...

You can order here at haley's cottage