Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby Sophie is Born

 Welcome Baby Sophie!  This is my son Casey and the new addition to his family.  Sophie is just a little butter ball weighing 8lbs.7 oz.  Stephanie is doing fantastic and had a very easy delivery compared to the last two.   Can't wait to get my hands on her, she is the cutest!
Look at this hair!  I think the first one in our family that has hair. 
She will be so cute in all her hair accessories that she has gotten for gifts.

Auntie Haley holding her.  Her eyes were open and really looking around.
Sophie is only about 3 hours old.  Definately the Sullivan nose!
They will all be home today.
What a miracle!!!!!


"Create Beauty" said...

Sophie is so PRECIOUS!!! Congratulations Cindy on your new granddaughter. Your heart will never be the same as it overflows with love for her.


Melaine Thompson said...

Congrats, she's gorgeous!!!! xoxo, Melaine


just visited you for the first time love your blog and your beautiful granddaughter i had one born just a month ago shes mine number 7 well going hopping around to other blogs come visit mine abeachhouseinmontana.blogspot xoxo sherri

monica Hart said...

Sophie is so precious. Congratulations. I know you
will have a wonderful time spoiling her!