Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Atlanta Photos Part 2

 Yesterday in Atlanta was great, alot of locals went home so we got more attention from
vendors which isn't always good, but we found alot of great things on our last day.
Love this umbrella chandelier, also comes in white.
 Looks old, but actually a reproduction.
 For most of you who know me I am a pink girl at heart.
So when I saw this pink wall with re-claimed wood items,
I immediately said, lets paint the wall pink.
So just with seeing this wall, we ordered our Christmas with some pink plus some other little bits of pink.
 This beautiful chandelier will probably make a home at Heathers.  Sconces to match.  Love the hammered iron as it really looks old.
 New furniture line we found yesterday.  Great large heavy pieces. I love the gray inside of this one.
 Love these pillows, part of my pillow feddish.
 Just a pretty showroom!
Another pretty showroom with great inspiration.
I have been back now 12 hours and in the shop for 2 and I want to tear the shop apart and re-do
everything.  I got way too inspired.  But that is one reason why we go to these markets, we all need a little inspiration.  


Lauren said...

A lot of the pink for christmas will have to make it's way to my house for the town tour! You have to help me make it through this thing without any green and red!!!!

Anonymous said...

That chandelier is beautiful!! Please let us know if you or Heather ever have garage sales and get rid of your old stuff!! That would be heaven!! :)