Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Baby Pink Day!

This morning I got up bright and early and met my son Casey and his wife Stephanie and boys
in downtown Seattle for Stephanie's doctor appointment.   I couldn't wait for this appointment and didn't even sleep last night with the expectation of boy or girl.  Now they have two darling little guys that are 2 and 3 and not that another darling little boy wouldn't be nice, but Stephanie (and me of course)  were really hoping for a little girl.  We were in the appointment not more than a couple of minutes when the technician said it's definitely a "Girl" .   Little Stephanie was so excited she started to cry.  I don't know if it really hit her yet.  But... tonight after work I am headed over there to babysit those darling little guys so mom and dad can celebrate.  All I can think about is helping decorate a pink nursery. 
 My mind is going crazy.  At last a girly nursery. 


Hannah said...

yea! that is super exciting!!! congrats! :)

Erika Roberts said...

That is so exciting! My baby girl is almost 7 months now. When my husband and I went to our appointment, she was too shy and we couldn't find out. What torture to have to wait! But I had a lot of people praying and God heard them all. Our tears of joy came in the delivery room. Congratulations to all and have fun decorating!
~ MishMashedMe at blogspot