Monday, November 8, 2010

A Haley's Cottage Re Do

This weekend we decided to start early with flipping the store.  It's such a huge job with the size of the store and the size of our furniture.  We had to take alot of it outside in order to do it.  I am still pooped, but happy with the results.  This year we are doing Christmas in mainly white and silver.  We purchased the cutest ornaments with lots of birds and crowns.  So, that is our theme this year, Birds and Crowns.   We normally don't set up this early, but we were so excited about our ornaments, we decided to do it now.  We will be having our open house the day after Thanksgiving.   We are also participating in the Home Tour in Kirkland for the Children's Auxiliary.  More info to follow....

 Our bed is dressed in white ruffles this year, and lots of pillows.
These are the cutest Reindeer you will ever see complete with fur coats.
Lots and Lots of mercury glass!   Still lots more to get out.  
See you soon, Cindy


Jacqui said...

I am loving that bed!!!

Lynnae said...

I am going to make every effort to get to your shop over the holidays. It looks lovely, good job on all your hard work.

All That Jazz said...

It's beautiful!! We are doing a similar theme in our space this holiday....lots of white, silver, snowflakes, burlap...natural elements!

Shopgirl said...

Cindy it looks BEAUTIFUL!!