Saturday, February 20, 2010

We got Kirkland Open...

This is how I feel after a couple of long weeks painting, moving, setting up, etc.
I think I aged about 20 years.
Not such a glamorous job!
But Kirkland is OPEN for business and love the way it turned out. Now I just have to finish in Mill Creek. We will be having our Grand Opening the beginning of March.
More details to follow.


Monica said...

Welcome to Kirkland! Can't wait to stop by and say hello and shop at your new store! Monica

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

WOW, what a surprise! I bet you are exhausted.... see you soon!

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh that is too funny, my girlfriend gave me that card for my birthday and I have it on my bulletin board. She said I will most definitely look like her when I get older with my crazy hair and all that bling!

Love that you used it! Congrats on your store!


Shelly said...

Hope you know my dear, that we still miss you here in Snohomish! But best of luck and healing adventures in your new shop!

I think it may be a very positive change for your format and ventures!

Best to you in your new site!

Shell (and remain in touch with your neighbors!Ahhhhhhem, Moi!)

Lets do Lunch in your neck of the woods OR come to my little cottage and we'll have dinner!!

Just Jenn said...

hm... I was just in Marysville & Snohomish with my sister and we drove by your store on our way .. and my sister said.. oh hey ... that store has a blog! I wish we had stopped!! (we were late!) I hope to visit your new store one day..! Looks lovely!
Just Jenn ~ from Olympia!

Just Jenn said...

oh.. and I love your pooped puppies! ;) cute!
Just Jenn