Thursday, February 25, 2010

A French Inspired Fantasy

I just picked up the new Victoria Magazine and was so excited that they wrote an article on one of my vendors "Peacock Park" . The article is on the creator of Peacock Park and shows amazing pictures of her home and all her inspiration. It is beyond belief! Oh and by the way, if you need one of these antique inspired conservatory's, we can order them. I think I need one !

You will definately want to pick up your copy today. It's a good one!


Lisa said...

Just wanted to let you know; I posted your vintage grain sack runner on my blog today. :)

SeaWorthy said...

I know what you mean about Peacock Park~
She is some kinda gal, we have carried her since she burst onto the scene, I love the whimsey and authenticness of her line, but the main thing I crave is the price points. Completely fabulous. I love that I reorder and reorder her items instead of having them in the shop for weeks and weeks..
Id love to have that green house..but I have no room!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I saw that in Victoria! I let out a huge gasp when I saw it! It's gorgeous! That issue of Victoria looks really good. I only had a few minutes to look through it, I can't wait to sit down and really enjoy it this weekend!

Monica said...

Hey, Loved the photos ~ purchased the magazine!
Inspiring, thank you! Wanted to let you know that I created a fun giveaway around one of the pieces from your store! It's featured in a video on the homepage!