Thursday, January 7, 2010

Talk about a NEW YEAR!

This has been a very crazy busy 1st week of January. Lots of changes for Haley's Cottage.
Some really good changes that I will fill you in on next week. I think all my Eastside Customers will be very excited with the news.
I decided to not go to the Atlanta Gift Show because of the craziness and also because my girls are in Hawaii, so therefore I have 4 little chihuahua's to tend to and also, I don't have anyone to work. I am having withdrawls as I always go to Atlanta in January, as it kicks my year off with much excitement. Although I have had alot of excitement this week, so I guess I will just wait for the next show.
For all my Bella Notte customers, very exciting news with two new colors. A charcoal which in many fabrics dyes almost black. Yeah!!! And the 2nd color is a Seaglass color which is in between aqua and ocean. New throw blankets and a couple of new fabrics. Can't wait to get my samples in the mail. I will let you know when they arrive.
So thanks for your patience as I haven't blogged too much lately. Between the holidays and the new year, it has been a wirl wind.
Bye for now, Cindy


work from home said...

It looks like your holiday rush has been extended. Good to all of you this year.

Online tutors said...

I hope you had a wonderful new year like I did.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That photo above is gorgeous!!!

I dream of having a shop one day so I can go to the Atlanta Gift Show! I've heard it's so great!

KatyO! said...

where is the photo from? it's gorgeous!!!!

Tanya Mock said...

Well Cindy, You should call me. I would work for you, anytime.

haleys cottage said...

Thanks Tonya.

gatherings home said...

Hi Cindy!

Not sure if you will be checking this today. I sent an e-mail. Are we still on?