Saturday, December 12, 2009

Parlor Tour Preview

Last night I went on the Parlor Tour Preview with my son Casey. So fun. Here is a sneak preview of the homes on the tour. All the houses were decorated for the holidays and gave great decorating inspiration. Stephanies house was so amazing as her look is much like haley's cottage. I think she may have more inventory than I do in my shop. All the homes were beautiful all with different themes.
Grab a girlfriend and tour for yourself tomorrow from 12-4. Tickets are available here at haleys cottage or you can buy them in town tomorrow at the Waltz building or Joy Works.

Master Bedroom.

The family room mantle.

This is Nan's house. The Christopher Radko Trees, filled with beautiful glass ornaments. She had two trees filled with these ornaments collected through the years.

This home was so homey and wait until you see the outside. It's a house I always wanted to see.

We were greated in the living room by their dog.

This is Shelleys house , darling bungalow house with lots of charm.
This is another Shellys House. Lot's of pink in her house. She even has a pink refrigerator!

This is Mark Henry's home, so much to look at!

Denise's House. Just darling cottage home and so inviting.

This is where it ended. Karen and Warner's home and studio.
If you have ever been to historic snohomish, this is an amazing place.
It was the old Catholic Church and they have turned it into a art gallery where they create and their home is attached. So interesting to see this home, you can tell right away that artists live there. There is nothing like it!
This is a picture of their living room. From the studio to their home you have to walk through a door that was a antique wardrobe. So amazing.
I hope you get an opportunity to go on the tour as it definately puts you in the holiday mood.


Sister Patty said...

Great photos Cindy! I don't know how you previewed, took pics, downloaded them, added to your blog, and it's early Sunday morning. Impressive!

Linda Q said...

Thanks, at least I get to see some of it thanks to you and others with blogs. I usually go, in fact it is an annual thing for me but couldn't this year. So I am having Home Tour withdrawal. Thanks for sharing, this made me feel not as bad for missing it, I love it so!
Linda Q

Denise Cosgrove said...

It was so much fun to spend the evening with you and Casey on the Preview Tour! Thanks for putting a picture of my home on your blog. I enjoyed having you in my home...I just love it when my home is full of chatter, laughter, and smiling faces. Merry Christmas!

prashant said...

this made me feel not as bad for missing it, I love it so!

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kanishk said...

I usually go, in fact it is an annual thing for me but couldn't this year.

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Anonymous said...

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