Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lisa's Haunted House

For all of you Halloween lovers, here is a tour of Lisa's House. For all of you know Lisa, she is the creator of all our vintage jeweled items. Lisa loves Halloween and goes all out in decorating her house. The cat's who are in quite alot of the photo's are her little helpers.

Love these Witche's legs!

I really feel boring now, as I have no Halloween decor. Maybe next year, I will get my act together.


Joy said...

Wow what an amazing job of decorating she did and I love the pretty cats too. The witch is in sign is too funny!

Shopgirl said...

Thanks for the tour! Her home looks great. I am painting Heavenly Blue in my home tonight. I LOVE this color! Thank you :)

Lissa said...

Hi cindy! How cute is this house! I need to come visit you but my family has been so sick! I hope to come by soon! Oh, and keep me posted if you have a christmas open house! I'm sure it will be on your blog right?

Karin said...

Very unique!
The kitties are gorgeous! I love the last photo of the black & white cat on the boa!

Jessica said...

That is some GREAT decor!