Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cindy's Kitchen

My very good friend Cindy has finally finished her kitchen re-model. Something I don't think I would want to start as one thing leads unto another. Her kitchen was very small and closed in. The builder who built her house surely didn't think out the design, but with alot of thought, she re-created her dream kitchen. They totally gutted everything in the space, removed walls, and just started over. She chose very soft colors and used the same colors throughout the house to make it flow nicely. Since she is from the beach area in Southern California, she chose a beach pallet. This tile pattern is above her kitchen sink and the blue and brown tiles are glass. It's a great focal point when you walk in.
Her cabinets are from Costco! The tile on the back splash is a subway tile. I love the glass she chose in her upper cabinet doors, it makes her space look larger.

This is probably one of my most favorite things she did.
A copper farm sink!

This is her coffee bar and extra counter space that she never had before.

She was able to get all new appliances and even room for an island. Before the remodel, there was a wall where the refrigerator is, so you can imagine how small the space was before. The other space in front of that was a tiny eating space. They added french doors out to the deck (still in process) to look out on the lake.

This is their dining area which is right next to the kitchen. She has brought in the same colors so it looks like one large space now. They added all the beautiful wood work as well.

She loves sea shells!

Cindy painted this on the wall between the kitchen and the laundry room. A copper color to match the sink. Even though it has taken awhile to complete, I think it was well worth it as it turned out beautiful.


Grace Like Kelly said...

Wow it looks amazing, weren't they doing a full remodel on the house? its so beautiful it makes me want to learn to cook!

beckyxoxo said...

lovely kitchen ! hha .