Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to the Studio and Home of Rhonda Addison

Welcome to the Tour of Rhonda Addison's Home and Studio.
You enter her home through this darling courtyard including a cobblestone pathway, birdbaths,
fountain, garden bench, and a cool vintage umbrella. This is one of the areas in her garden that Rhonda uses to photograph her family portraits. You might also recognize some of these elements in her pictures. There is a bit of magic as you enter.
Another glance of her courtyard

I wondered upstairs into her studio where it all happens. Beads, jewels,rhinestones, paints, canvases, and all the tools she needs in one place.

Here, Rhonda is showing me the new jewels for her upcoming August Birthstone Crown. Can't wait to see it!

Rhonda at work, she even looks cute when she is working.

Jewels, jewels, jewels

These are her newest creations. Darling vintage clothes that she has used in some of her photo shoots. Each one has a beautiful sentiment and adorned with her magic touches.

Rhonda just created these two new images yesterday for the Pearl District in Portland.
Tomorrow, her art will be featured in a Art Walk in Portland.

As we came back downstairs, her living room wall is full of her art.
It's not like your normal living room. Rhonda utilizes every room in her house as part of her studio.

Rhonda poses with her beautiful crown of stars and flag. Would you expect her living room to be any different.

This is her fairy, complete with crown ,wings, and a vintage dress.
Rhonda opens her gates of whimsy.

As we say goodbye, Rhonda plays in the fountain just like she would have one of her young models do.
I hope you enjoyed the Tour of Rhonda Addison's Home and Studio.
Her garden is ready to photograph your family. She only does this during the summer, so you may want to get that session booked. Summer is going fast! And of course, you can see most of her work at Haley's Cottage in Mill Creek.


Lissa said...

Cindy!!!! Can I PLEASE go with you next time?!?! That is positively dreamy!

haleys cottage said...

Hi Lissa,
Sure, you should definately have her shoot your girls. Their pictures would be amazing!


Elegant Clutter said...

Hey... I recognize that girl!! One of my favorite people!! I'm one of the lucky ones that has a few of her pieces in my home and I cherish each one...

Kelly, Elegant Clutter

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