Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She Sells Sea Shells

One of local artists, Carolyn has created these beautiful one of a kind shell works of art. This is a shell wreath that if you want, put a mirror behind it, or use as a centerpiece! For all of you who love to decorate with shells, you will love to see the following pictures. All of Carolyns pieces are incredible and she is here in Seattle!
One of our cute little signs. This is aqua with white letters and can be made in many sayings and colors.

This is our little shell section, which I love. We have lots of customers who have beach houses, wish it were me!

Of course a Rhonda Addison creation.

Another incredible Shell Mirror

Another piece by Carolyn. Perfect for the mantel, or powder room, or...

Shell Balls. Put them in jars, on candlesticks, bowls, anywhere that needs just a touch of shells.
We sell lots of these, they are only $12.95 for the large ones.
Any questions on the above items, please feel free to send me a message at:


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Cindy! You temptress!!! You just know that now that you have shown these delightful creations, I simply HAVE to get something like this for my Beach House here on Camano Island!

I may spend all of my profits from sales at the French Flea Market in your store... don't tell Bob... ;0)

It was lovely visiting with you today, and I am really excited about the Market!

haleys cottage said...

Thanks Debi

Anonymous said...

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