Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've Been at the Seattle Trade Show

Well, today is the last day for the Seattle Gift Show, and thank goodness I am working at the shop today. Since Friday of last week, we have been setting up and working the gift show at the convention center here in Seattle. Actually it was quite fun, just very long hours. I can't wait to get back in the shop! Poor Haley (in picture) will have to be there herself without her mother. Haley has her candle line Rendezvous in Paris. Most of you know from shopping in my shop, that this is her wonderful line of soy candles. As Haley sells nationwide, she opened up some great accounts at the show. We shared out little booth with our friends at Posh Digs so we had lots of fun.Our little booth, but of course had it stocked full with all three collections.

I made the burlap backdrop and the rendezvous flag. Of course I made it too long so we had to hang it across the booth. But... it will work perfectly in the shop.

This is just a close up of Haley's Travelesque Collection and her cute boxes.

Our Friends at Posh Digs Flameless Candles.
We have carried their line for a year and a half. Love them.
Our looks works well together.
These cute little birds will be our new addition to the shop.
We had them in one of our showrooms who represent our candle line. They have had alot of attention over the last week. They should be in the shop tomorrow. Check our their colors, aqua and white of course!


Tracey said...

Looks great...hope it went well! LOVE the birds!

:) T

Shopgirl said...

The booth looked great. We love Haley's candles at Poppyseeds Can't wait to see you in September for the French Flea Market!!
-Marybeth & Julie
Poppyseeds, Stanwood

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