Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heavenly Doughnuts

Here you go! The new hot spot in Mill Creek Towncenter.
The most delicious doughnuts you could ever try, plus the cutest doughnut store you will ever see. All pink and brown. All their doughnuts are hand-crafted, gourmet, always fresh and unexpected. Here are some of their choices:
White Chocolate Truffle, White Chocolate Raspberry Bismarck, Pear & Caramel Fritter, Smokey Bacon Maple Bar, Tropical Storm, Salted Caramel, Aztec Chocolate, Bourbon Caramel Pecan, Southern Red Velvet, Wedding Cake, German Chocolate Cake.
My favorite is the Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting with just a touch of a chocolate sliver.
This little gal is always here when I come in, kind of embarassing, she probably thinks that I come in every day. Really I don't.

Now is this not the cutest box.

I came in yesterday at about 5:00 to take some pictures and of course bring some doughnuts home to my husband. The shelves are a bit bare right now. The red velvet is on the top row all the way to the right.

Here is what their cute chairs looks like. Love them!

I just peaked my head in the back room to snap a picture of where they do baking.
Just a small spot, ever so clean.
You have to try this place, you will get addicted. Come by the shop and I will give you a coupon for "Frost"


Grace Like Kelly said...

Yummm!!!!!!!!! Thats so adorable and yummy looking!

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Oh My! I'm thinkin' that we'll have to have some of those during the French Flea Market in September!!!! (We'll need energy, right?!)

Deba said...

I would love to know more about the French Flea Market event. Sounds great!

Lowell and Son said...

Mmmm, I did a teeny blog post about Frost myself. My son and I love to go there for a treat. Found your blog on Facebook thru Frost, I enjoy finding local folks here.