Friday, August 28, 2009

Chanderella's House and Garden

Last night, we had the pleasure of visiting Jeff and Mindi's beautiful house and garden.
You will see why they call Mindi Chanderella. Chandeliers in every room and even in the trees in her unbelievable garden. They just recently changed the back garden to allow more sitting space among the flowers. It's too beautiful for words. I think they should charge for tours as I don't think there is a prettier garden around. Jeff has created all of these arbors and special spots in the yard. Each flower is perfect. Gazebo's, fountains, statues, benches, chandeliers, it's all in the gardens. Then the house..... I hope you enjoy the tour.
This is in the front of the house. Mega flowers, bird bath, a fountain that is actualy on the stone circle. You will see it a little better in the last photo. I can't get over these flowers, and wondering why mine don't look like this.

This is how you enter their back yard. Through another arbor with urns planted with topiaries and a darling stone path.

This is where they made more sitting space. Last year there were flowers hiding the gazebo, now it is way more open. What an atmosphere! I could sit here all night. Of course another chandelier and the gazebo even has a crown on the top. White twinkly lites just add the magic touch.

A close up of the table with more urns and candles. The table is a beautiful wrought iron with a glass top. Check out the candlebra's in the background.

This lovely lady watches over the garden and stays out all year.

As you can see, I love this area, another view. The black urns are planted beautifully with moss on top. Don't you think this yard should be in a magazine.

This is a shot in the corner of the garden. A perfect place to relax!

Now the house.
This is their living room. (Couch from Haley's Cottage). They actually watch TV in here. It is right out the Paris Apartment Book.

This is a shot in their dining room. I love this chandelier. They collect the Sid Dickens Tiles.

Dining room buffet is a beautiful antique. I wish you could see it better.

This is by the front door on our way upstairs. Silver vase is filled with vintage feather dusters, antique mirror, and a vintage chest with mirror on the top. Mindi got this chest for $50.00. What a steel! And of course another cool chandelier.

This little sofa was purchased at an estate sale for next to nothing. Perfect condition, and the style....
This room is like a parlor upstairs. It's adorned with all kinds of vintage items and of course a gorgeous chandelier in the center of the room. When you drive by at night this room looks amazing from the street.

I took this picture from the top of the stairs. Lots of antique mirrors, more feathers, and another french chandelier. Check out the color on the walls, I love it!

This is the kitchen. I don't think they cook in it. Everything is too perfect. I wish I was a better photographer as this room is so pretty. Black granite counter tops, with black cabinets with fleur de lis. On the top of the cabinets are more Sid Dickens tiles. This chandelier was brought back from Paris on their vacation several years ago. This is my favorite of all.

As Heather and I walked out, I had to take another spot in the garden. It's hard to tell, but the fountain is the green metal on the stones that look like a plant. But.... it's actually a water feature. I think I could just sit in that cute little iron chair and watch the fountain for a while.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of Jeff and Mindi's French Haven.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've Been at the Seattle Trade Show

Well, today is the last day for the Seattle Gift Show, and thank goodness I am working at the shop today. Since Friday of last week, we have been setting up and working the gift show at the convention center here in Seattle. Actually it was quite fun, just very long hours. I can't wait to get back in the shop! Poor Haley (in picture) will have to be there herself without her mother. Haley has her candle line Rendezvous in Paris. Most of you know from shopping in my shop, that this is her wonderful line of soy candles. As Haley sells nationwide, she opened up some great accounts at the show. We shared out little booth with our friends at Posh Digs so we had lots of fun.Our little booth, but of course had it stocked full with all three collections.

I made the burlap backdrop and the rendezvous flag. Of course I made it too long so we had to hang it across the booth. But... it will work perfectly in the shop.

This is just a close up of Haley's Travelesque Collection and her cute boxes.

Our Friends at Posh Digs Flameless Candles.
We have carried their line for a year and a half. Love them.
Our looks works well together.
These cute little birds will be our new addition to the shop.
We had them in one of our showrooms who represent our candle line. They have had alot of attention over the last week. They should be in the shop tomorrow. Check our their colors, aqua and white of course!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've Been A Busy Bee

For the past 5 years, I have tried to get my husband to level off this planter as it slopes into our basement. To let you know, I finally got him to do it, it probably took a total of 30 minutes on his part to put the blocks in and then I did the rest. The best part is that I have had this fountain bottom sitting here and I just have put the hose in it. Well, I decided to plant it, and here it is. I am so excited over something that has been a eyesore for the past five years. Sometimes I think we get so use to looking at something we don't even realize how ugly it is.
But now, look how cute it turned out, filled with these amazing plants.
I found a new home for the hose.This planter is by my back door and surrounded by boxwoods. I am a boxwood freak!

Since I had a yard of dirt, I decided to level off another area that was driving me crazy. This faces my kitchen window, so now I have something nice to look out at while I am doing dishes.
It's amazing what a yard of soil can do, a few plants, and alot of work. What a great
stress reliever!
While I was at it, I removed some flowers along the edge of this walkway to my front door, and guess what I planted, more boxwoods. They always look so little when you first plant them. I can't wait until they get bigger and actually form a hedge. The hedge in front of the walkway are boxwoods that have been there for many years. So this little project cost me only $30.00.

Well, we are on our way to the shop now.
Have a good day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Favorite New Jewelry by Beth Quinn Designs

We have had the opportunity to have the beautiful designs of Beth Quinn at our shop.
Her jewelry has gotten alot of attention since the festival and we are lucky enough to have her newest designs at the "French Flea Market" on September 12th, here at
Haley's Cottage.
Check out her blog and see her exciting international news.
We have alot of darling necklaces in the shop now.
Love the chocolate ribbon. This design has done very well.

Lot's of fun designs with sparkle

Charms, Charms, and more charms!

Darling earrings, they even have a necklace to match

One of Beth's new designs.
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of Beth Quinn Designs.
Come by the shop and see them in person.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Look What Just Came In

It's that time of year, lots of fun new things rolling in.
I found this new company on my Atlanta trip, I think you will love the prices.
Check out or website to purchase at:
Darling new decorative crown
10" Round
Fleur de lis Decorative 18" Wood Plate

Canvas Tote in Black and white
with zipper top
Crown Serving Tray
12.5" round
Crown holder with glass dish
I hope you love a few of the new items that just arrived.
Also, cute fleur de lis votive holders, cross and fleur de lis magnets.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The High Point of my Month!

I just received my Romantic Homes Magazine. Yeah!
I am always so excited when my magazine comes. Since I am a retailer and advertiser, I get mine a bit earlier. So... here is a glimpse of the October issue. I love everything here and wish I lived here.

So simple, yet so cute

What a cute way to display photos.

So in about two weeks, run out and get yours.
It's a great issue!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She Sells Sea Shells

One of local artists, Carolyn has created these beautiful one of a kind shell works of art. This is a shell wreath that if you want, put a mirror behind it, or use as a centerpiece! For all of you who love to decorate with shells, you will love to see the following pictures. All of Carolyns pieces are incredible and she is here in Seattle!
One of our cute little signs. This is aqua with white letters and can be made in many sayings and colors.

This is our little shell section, which I love. We have lots of customers who have beach houses, wish it were me!

Of course a Rhonda Addison creation.

Another incredible Shell Mirror

Another piece by Carolyn. Perfect for the mantel, or powder room, or...

Shell Balls. Put them in jars, on candlesticks, bowls, anywhere that needs just a touch of shells.
We sell lots of these, they are only $12.95 for the large ones.
Any questions on the above items, please feel free to send me a message at: