Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank Goodness for AC

Now I remember why I moved from Southern California to Seattle.
The HEAT!!
So today Grayson is here visiting at the shop to stay cool and all three Chihuahua's.
I thought Chihuahua's liked the heat. Well.... not mine! They are just fine now
on the counter enjoying the Air Conditioning. Hudson is fine as well terrorizing the shop in the AC. I think it is too hot for the Seattlites to come out shopping. So we will just enjoy the nice cold air here. We may even stay here all night!
Buddy is hoping that Grayson will throw some snacks out of play and pack.

Here are the two little princesses laying on the counter in their little bed.
Life is good!

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Susan said...

I know! Little Newton is miserable! :(

Susan @