Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back from Farm Chicks

Finally went to the Farm Chicks show yesterday. I went with my friend Cindy so we had a girls day shopping and driving. Wow, what a crowd! We got there at 9:00 to stand in line and we got in the doors at about 10:30. The line was way way down the street and around the corner. Most people had to wait about 1-2 hours to get in. I'm glad we got there early because at about 12:00 you couldn't move, there were so many people. It was good to see people shopping and buying!
I came back with a few treasures myself.
The booths were so creative.

This was at about 10:30, so not to crowded. Even men came with the wifes. After that It was too hard to take pictures, no room to focus!

I ran into some of the Snohomish girls at Inside Out, and Faded Elegance. I saw lots of my
customers and fellow store owners as well.
Fun Day!


Susan said...

So jealous! I wanted to go so bad and had to work! :(

--Susan @

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

We're so glad you found us at Farm Chicks! Hope you are enjoying the lamps and accessories you bought from us.... and please keep us on your mailing list for the Flea Market if you have it.

Deb from Retreat