Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back from California

Well, on Friday afternoon, I was looking on line for tickets to Los Angeles to visit my mom,
and guess what. Round trip ticket with one day's notice $128.00. Now how could I resist!
So I spent Mother's Day with my Mom, Sister-in-law, and my very good friend Roxann.
Great time, Cheese Cake Factory and a Movie.
So yesterday when I went to Roxann's house, I thought I needed to share her amazing house.
She loves Shabby Chic and Sea Shells. So here is just a touch of her house.

Master Bedroom
You almost need a ladder to get into bed

How cute is this sea shell fan. I have to get these for the store!

Her outside area which includes a pool, fireplace, and cooking area.
Roxann is very creative, look at her glass balls hanging in front on the fire place.

This is her guest room where I normally get to sleep.
Hope you enjoyed just a smidgen of her house.

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