Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are these the cutest!

There is nothing cuter than a puppy. Our Chihuahua breeder that we have gotten all our little friends from, just sent me these images of their puppies ready for adoption. I don't dare go see them or I would end up with another. I'm going to be know for the Chihuahua Lady! Since our dogs are always in the store and I give out the breeder's name out daily, I thought I would let you all know about these babies. The girls are $600.00 and the males are $400.00. This is one of 3 litters they are expecting this year. For more information you can contact the breeder at This is the best money you could ever spend!


Girl (this one looks like our little Henry)



Boy(This one must be related to Tinker)
There are a few more as well, I just showed you my favorites.
Oh by the way, the little black and white one is a girl.
If you get one, make sure to bring it in the store so we can see it in person.


gatherings home said...

OMG! Hard to control the urge to adopt one of these cuties!

Susan said...

I think baby newton might need a girlfriend! :)

mishebe said...

So cute. I would have to stay away too. or my doggies would be really upset if i brought another friend home. Last time i tried to do that Rudi would not move or eat or even look at me. lol.. actually it was not funny , i thought something was wrong with him.Until the vet explained it to me. "NO MORE FRIENdS." lol. mishelle