Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sun! Let's go to LaConnor

Well, for any of you who live in the Northwest, anytime there is sun, we all need to be outside enjoying it as we haven't seem it for months. I decided to take a day off and tag along with Heather to LaConnor for some of her appointments. It is suppose to be Tulip time there, but we only saw daffodils for now. With such a bad winter, the tulips aren't up yet. On our way back home, we had to stop at Christenson's Nursery. Below are some pictures of their gift shop. It's a fun place to visit and definitely puts you in the mood to garden.

This is the outside of the gift shop.

Inside, check out all the antiques,

A cute easter display!

Love the ceiling and the vintage chandelier.

Lot's of flowers and plants a midst their displays.

There's Heather. This is one of their green houses. I think Heather is looking at the doves.

Inside the greenhouse.

One of there cute old buildings used as an Art Gallery.

This poor guy had a terrible underbite!

Next time you are in LaConnor, you should make time to stop. It is quite inspiring!

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gatherings home said...

I love Christianson's! It always gets me in the mood to garden. The little antique cottage on the grounds was the inspiration for my shop too! You had a beautiful day to mix business with pleasure!