Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vintage Glass Lamp Fettish

I am a bit obsessed with vintage glass lamps. I have these cute lamps all through my store and in most of my displays. They just go with everything. They are getting harder and harder to fine. All the ones in my store have been re-wired, conditioned and cleaned so they almost look new. I insist that I only sell lamps that have been completely gone through. (I am a fireman's daughter, so I am funny about that, too many horror stories!). So... Al, my lamp guy does all that kind of work and then his wife Carole makes me darling shades, mostly out of Bella Notte fabrics. Each one is unique and darling. If you have one of these old lamps and need it re-wired and a shade made for it, just let me know and we can get it done for you. It's great to bring new life to an old lamp. The one above has an aqua Bella Notte multi fabric shade. Love it!
This one is a bit taller and very unique. It has a aqua lace shade

Another Bella Notte shade in Collette.

Here is a cutie. Brass base with glass and prisims with a
ivory dot shade.

Glass lamp with a Bella Notte Raspberry multi shade

Another Bella Notte shade in Tuscan. I love the base of this one.

This glass lamp has a shade made of an old tablecloth in soft petal pink.

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Jeanneoli said...

These are stunning!!!