Saturday, March 7, 2009

How I LOVE Chandeliers

Chandeliers are an important part of
Haley's Cottage. From vintage to new, here is a sampling
of our chandeliers. You can change the look of a room by simply adding a chandelier. Alot of the new ones can be ordered with your choice of base color, prisims, and beading. I am available on e-mail at Enjoy!

This is an all black (new). Even black prisims.

This is also a new small pendant lamp with amber prisims on a bronze base
and lots of clear beads

Here is a darling pink chandelier with cute flower and star drops

This is also a new 6 light on a dark base with all clear beading and prisims

This is a beauty! Vintage French 10 light Chandelier.

A new 5 light with green beads and clear drops and clear beading.

I love this one. A new 4 light on a gold base with clear beads and pink prisims.

A new one light on a bronze base with clear beads, prisims, and bulb cover

This is a 8 light new on a bronze base with
milky white beads and clear crystal prisims.

This is a black vintage 4 arm chandelier with clear prisims.
Very danty!

A French Vintage 3 light Chandelier. Larger than normal for a 3 light!

One of my favorites! Bronze base with milky white beads
and pink crystal prisims.

A darling Vintage French 3 light Chandelier
Very sweet!

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elismelissa said...

Theese are looking great. You may also want to look at Ballard Designs. They have unique designs on their chandeliers category.